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Don’t dwell on the past. Your history can’t be erased, but your future has yet to be written. Make the most of what’s going to happen instead of worrying about what you can’t change. Don’t waste your time being sad, because you’re wasting away moments in which you could be happy. It’s taken me awhile, but i’m learning that letting go of the past is a good thing. It doesn’t mean forgetting, it just means moving on. And you can’t enjoy the present when you’re stuck in the past. Don’t cry for what might have been, don’t live in the past. It was supposed to be forever? Well forever doesn’t always lasts. Lift your head and dry your tears, forget about yesterday. We had the time of our life, but we must move on. Let it fade away.
Daily Relatable Love Quotes (via thelovewhisperer)
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